29 January 2008

Costly BAE Blunder

If I had a dollar for every press release I'd laid my eyes on... I'd be Donald Trump. Well, Donald Trump without the toupe, obviously. If I had a dollar for every well-written press release, I'd more likely to be scraping along on minimum wage. This one popped into my inbox today, though, and is interesting - not only does it raise the latest scandal about unaccounable defence contracting, but it also keeps short and to the point, as well as raising key campaign objectives ("BAE is a burden, not a benefit, for the British economy." ) I hope it gets wide attention - as the court case in a few weeks time surely will too.


The arms company BAE Systems is so far over budget with two of its latest projects that they will cost UK taxpayers £2.2 billion more than expected. The figure is revealed in a report by the House of Commons Defence Select Committee, which looks at BAE's contracts with the Ministry of Defence. The Committee found that the budget for BAE's Astute Submarines has increased by 47% and the budget for BAE's Type 45 Destroyer ships by 18%.

Symon Hill, spokesperson for Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), said: "This is outrageous. BAE has once again been exposed as a drain on taxpayers' money. This waste is on top of the roughly £850 million spent every year on subsidies for the arms trade. BAE is a burden, not a benefit, for the British economy."

The news comes only weeks ahead of a High Court case in which the Government's relationship with BAE will come under scrutiny. On 14th and 15th February, lawyers for CAAT and The Corner House will argue that the Government behaved illegally in cutting short a Serious Fraud Office investigation into BAE's Saudi arms deals.

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