23 May 2009

Carrots for Copenhagen

Zapatista coffee, vegan pay-as-you-like food and a 56-page brochure of workshops... welcome to Buko 32 - a congress of international solidarity movements - being held in L√ľneburg, Germany.

The event also marked the start of "The Road to Copenhagen" tour, which will see Carbon Trade Watch traverse Europe in advance of the December climate summit to expose the failings of carbon trading, and highlight alternatives that advance climate justice - or klimagerechtigkeit, as it is called here. I´ll be blogging that on this site.

I was at Buko to give a presentation on Carbon trading from Kyoto to Copenhagen, which can be found here.

The most memorable moment, though, involved Morgan Ody, formerly of Via Campesina and now "happily unemployed but still following the peasant way", inciting the audience to start community gardens and bring the resulting vegetables to protests at Copenhagen in December.

An army of German autonomists brandishing home grown carrots? Bring it on ...

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