02 June 2009

World Business Summit on Climate Change... quote, unquote

I have a whole notebook from the summit, which will feed a report at some point. In the meantime, here´s a selection of the "finest" quotes from day 1 of the summit...

5. “Tom Burke of [E3G, also of Rio Tinto, also of the UK Foreign Office.” - Tom Burke, overselling himself somewhat whilst proving that conflict of interest is alive and well. His registration badge said Rio Tinto.

4. “We are perhaps the only company using windfarms to generate the electricity powering our oil platforms.” - Fu Chengyu, Chief Executive Officer, China National Offshore Oil Corporation provides some Greenwash, Chinese-style.

3. “Like other industry we should pay only once. If some governments still want to implement taxes [on aviation emissions], we should get carbon credits to compensate every penny of these taxes. ... we can make aviation the first global industry to achieve carbon neutral growth and I hope it will be a model for others to follow.” - Giovanni Bisignani, Head of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), presents the true reason for his industry´s promise of “carbon neutral growth” by 2050.

2. “Sustainable next generation biofuels could increase our carbon footprint by 80 per cent. We are already flying test flights with biofuels of the next generation and we will be able to certify those by 2011. For the first time aviation could have a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.” - Giovanni Bisignani of IATA, again.

1. “The fact that I flew here for 1 1/2 hours to sit on a panel them I´m flying straight back to the US is an example of our commitment to environmental sustainability." -Indra Nooyi, Chairman [sic] and CEO of PepsiCo.

Copenhagen, 24 May

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