24 February 2012

After Durban: All talked out?

The current issue of Red Pepper includes my assessment of the COP17 UN Climate Change Conference in Durban. Read the full article here

If a lexicon of international climate conferences is ever written, Durban will be listed right after the words debacle, delusion, disaster and disillusionment. Even the disappointments were not surprising at the 17th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which took place in South Africa last December. Instead, they followed the usual script: two weeks of ineffectual jargon-filled bickering followed by an agreement to delay action on climate change beyond the political lifespan of most of the governments present

1 comment:

David Dominic said...

Hello Oscar,

I completely agree with you when you question whether campaigners should place importance on international climate summits.

For a long time I have been saying the same thing in my blog with regards to other issues such as aid quality campaigning (not as articulately as you!).

Hopefully campaigners start to reconsider their approach to these summits.